Will Stunning Smart Lights enhance your home?

  The immortal declaration of the Smart home should be “not all appliances in your home are created equal”.  AI and IoT technology has shown us that connected devices are truly more intelligent. The Auri Light is looking to shine a light on to IoT and Smart home appliances.  Designed for anyone who wants to deploy a  simple …

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Is your Laptop Out Of The Loop ?

Today we celebrate the 37th anniversary of the Laptop. Created because Desktops were too heavy to carry around, the Laptop was supposed to make life easier for consumers. Laptops were invented by Adam Osborne in 1981. The “Osborne 1” was powered by the CP/M 2.2 operating system, had no onboard battery a tiny 5-inch (13 …

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How to keep up with your Neighbor’s Smart Home

The quest to make your house a Smart home has begun.  Where do you begin?  What are your choices? The concept of living, breathing, ultra intelligent Smart homes have been in the public eye for a while. Some of our grandparents grew up watching the Jetsons‘ Smart home TVs, robot vacuum cleaners and video conferencing.  …

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Is your Tailgating a Monster of an experience?

For many Canadian’s such as myself, the art of the Tailgating is still a mystery.  In the Canadian Football League (CFL) there have been attempts at exporting this American Football tradition over the border.  Unfortunately it hasn’t quite established a foothold. Why is Tailgating  Popular? You may ask what is tailgating? A tailgate parties occur …

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Confessions from the Smart Home Revolution

Canadians are becoming increasingly connected at home. The #Smart revolution has become established in the North. More and more consumers in Canada are transforming their houses into smart homes.  For example, outside they are installing IoT enabled security systems or WiFi cameras. Likewise, in the kitchen appetite for smart devices has extended with connected stoves …

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An Amalgamation of Sound and Enviro friendly Technology

Technology has to power to Transform, Revolutionize and Disrupt. However, Technology can have a much bigger impact by reducing the global footprint of waste in our landfills and water. TVs, computers, mobile phones, and other digital devices increasingly are made to be thrown away.  A simple stat to highlight this is the, 79 per cent …

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Are Smart monitors the solution for you Baby ?

As a parent, you never stop to worry about your child day or night.  As a result, parents look for a great baby monitor to ensure their baby is safe. The great thing is that #baby camera technology has evolved over the last few years. Consequently, if you like the flexibility of a secure #Smartmonitor, …

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Can you keep up with your Smart Suitcase?

The  potential for disruption by Autonomous Technology is evident in personal automobiles, delivery and transport trucks and even taxis. However what is not obvious of the impact of Autonomous Technology is the radical transformation that will occur in the daily lives of consumers in the most basic of areas. More than just a novelty, the aspiring …

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