Jan 06 2017

Netatmo Smartifies your #IoT enabled home #CES2017

CES opened to the public today and it was Christmas for tech aficionados. Raising the bar for their peers was French Tech Netatmo. Many of our readers will remember their innovative gear including the Welcome and the Presence. Well Netatmo has extended its IoT scope with the introduction of a few new cool tech products …

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Jan 04 2017

MOCACARE introduces MOCACuff a new #Wearable #Bluetooth Tech Gadget #CES2017

At the 2017 CES two of the most popular technology markets are #Wearable and #Medical gadgets. This is a reflection of the tremendous growth seen in 2016. According to the Kalorama 2016 Market Research, the global wearable medical device market exploded at a CAGR of 18.0% to over $13.2 billion in 2016. In #Wearables, healthcare …

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Jan 04 2017

Linksys extends your Connected Home with the Velop #Smart Wi-Fi #CES2017

At CES 2017 Linksys has thrown the gauntlet down on Home Wireless networking! For many consumers, disruptive technology has transformed our lives and has provided a perfect solutions to transform legacy houses to #IoT connected #smart homes. Over the last few years, home networking connectivity has quickly evolved from ethernet to 802.11g to MU-MIMO. This evolution of …

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Jan 03 2017

Honor 6X Double Down on the Competition at Half the Price #CES2017

Appropriately in Las Vegas, Global Mobile heavyweight Huawei Doubled Down on the competition with the Honor 6X mobile phone. Targeting the younger mobile generation this phone brings superior performance, double battery life and dual lens. Available in two distinct options. 3GB Ram with 32GB ROM and 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM the 6X is built on a …

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Jan 03 2017

Consumers await for CES 2017 the Worlds Largest Electronics show in Las Vegas

Welcome to near eve of CES 2017 in Las Vegas. This year will mark 50 years of amazing technology. Just how do we summarize the expectations of the worlds largest and best Consumer Electronics Event? Well lets look at last year’s event to provide you with a taste of what to expect. Last year nearly 177,393 attendees …

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Dec 14 2016

Rogue One leaves fans wanting more Star Wars Gadgets


ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on Thursday night. Based on the movie trailers we know the plot—rebels stealing the blueprints for the Death Star.  However this is not the only technology that Star Wars fans can pick up this December. It is never too late to stock up on the latest Star Wars gear to showcase. Available …

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Dec 13 2016

Sports Analytics hits the Slope with the #IoT enabled Trace Action Sports Tracker


Whether watching football, basketball, baseball or hockey, we are all aware that the latest trend is analytics. Whether keeping track of useful stats (i.e. possession of the puck/ball, completions, interceptions) or useless stats, analytics has become more than a passing fancy.  Professional teams have put together groups within their corporation to gather, analyze and use …

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Dec 05 2016

Cronovo the #IoT enabled #Smart Watch puts your Heart in your hands


Canada like many other countries is seeing a transformation of its population. Over the last year the demographics in Canada achieved a milestone. In 2015, the population of people 65 and older is now larger than the number of children under 15. What are the implications you may ask? Distinguishing itself from its predecessors striving …

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