Apr 03 2013

A Really Sweet Desktop Camera

HoverCam mini 5

New Gizmo readers, here is one of the little gems of the Consumer Electronics show in Vegas. To say the HoverCam Mini 5 desktop (scanner) camera is “the world’s smallest desktop scanner” would underestimate this little dynamo.

In addition to being an OCR it provides, audio and video recording, video conferencing and interactive white board integration which is critical for today’s multi-collaborative environment. The Mini 5 has integration with standard software packages such as Skype, WebEx and GoToMeeting, and through screen sharing you can upload directly to EverNote. You can bend the flexible camera arm to position the head just above the document for super close-ups. A great tool to have in your travel kit.

The only negative thing I can see is unfortunately the Mini 5 is not expected to be released for a few more months (Q2 of 2013).

Product Specifications

  • Resolution: 5 MP
  • Interface USB
  • Compatibility Windows XP/Vista/7 Mac Intel/OS X 10.5+
  • Recording Audio and Video Recording
  • Image Rotation 360 degrees
  • Controls Auto White Balance, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Freeze Frame
  • Includes Snapshot Button to instantly snap a photo or scan a document.
  • Included in the box: Carrying case that converts into a USB dock and stand, USB cable, HoverCam Flex Software, HoverCam Memo software, HoverCam Contact software, 1-year warranty.


Source www.thehovercam.com/products/mini-5


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