Apr 03 2013

Smart phone laser presenter & remote mouse control

Xpointer mobile

The Chois X-pointer laser will have your presentation pointing in the right direction.

Here is a relative inexpensive elegant device that will make your intelligent mobile device even smarter by turning it into a full function presenter and remote mouse control. Created by Chois Technology Co, a Korean tech company, it is the first phone laser that can be used by both the Samsung GALAXY and Apple IPhone technology. To use it simply plug the X-pointer Mobile Pulse S(XPS110) on the smart phone’s audio jack. Push the laser button on the X-pointer Lite App screen. Users can adjust the laser brightness using the bar on the App screen.

Product Specifications

  • Model XPS110
  • Laser Wave length (Color) 650nm(RED)
  • Laser Output Power less than 1mW
  • Current Consumption less than 20mA
  • Size 7.7 X 41 mm
  • Weight 6g

References http://x-pointer.com/


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