Apr 03 2013

The Hybrid Solar-Human Powered Lawnmower

Deveson Solar Power Deveson Solar Power2

Gizmo readers, this gadget will be great for your grass … just in time for your spring, Australian designers Frank Deveson and Victa Lawncare have come up with an environmentally friendly lawn mower. This conceptual reel-mower employs a solar-battery-electric motor to boost manual effort through a torque sensing system, similar to what is used on many of the electric bicycles. What this translates to, is the motor will only run while being pushed, thus reducing electricity consumption and making it safer. The mower is lightweight, compact, low maintenance, easy and economical to use and manufacture and environmentally friendly, producing minimal pollution & noise.

Product Specifications

    • Status: Concept

Source www.coroflot.com/frankd/Manual-Solar-Hybrid-Lawnmower

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