Apr 03 2013

The Samsung’s S Band will pump you up..

Samsung gets you healthy with its S Band

If you are like me with someone (my wife) who has a Samsung phone, you were challenged in the past (outside the case and battery charger) to find accessories for gifts. Well Samsung has heard the cries and has come out with what will hopefully be a long line of accessories.

One of my favorites is the Samsung S Band electronic health accessory. Compatible with the Galaxy S3, the S Band will get you into shape. In conjunction with the S-Health 2.0 app it will keep track of steps, calories burned, distance run (or in my case walked). In addition to being waterproof it is equipped with a thermometer it will show you the temperature and humidity in the surrounding environment. It also has a food diary and will make suggestions on how you can improve your fitness progress (oh great another critic in my life) based on data collected. For many of us with stressful lives, it will also check and report on our sleep efficiency.


Product Specifications

  • Statistics Reported steps, calories burned, distance run, temperature and humidity, pulse, blood pressure, weight, speed, food tracker, blood glucose monitor
  • Waterproof Up to 10 m
  • App Works with S-Health 2.0

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