Apr 03 2013

WakaWaka Solar Powered Lamps with a conscience

WakaWaka Power
Our readers are not only astute but many of them are looking for and asking for products that are both technologically advanced and the company behind the product has a conscience.

Engineered by a company called Invitation from the Netherlands, the new WakaWaka is Solar powered device that can fully power most mobile phones from completely depleted, and provide you with light to read for 10 or more hours.

Even for Technogeeks like myself in the cold (and dark) north, it is easy for me to recharge the WakaWaka. Simply by placing the WakaWaka Power in direct sunlight for a whole day and you will notice that the battery will be almost completely full,

Invitation is working with both Kickstarter and OnePlanetCrowd, to raise money to hand out free WakaWaka Solar lamps in Haiti to provide lighting to children and families affected by the disaster.

Technical Specifications

  • Battery 800 mAh NiMh battery (3 x AA size) with 500 cycles
  • Solar Cell 18% efficient 0.75W mono crystalline solar cell
  • Certification CE, UNFCC complaint (UL pending)
  • Life expectancy 5-7 years
  • USB Connectors micro USB in (500ma), USB out (1A)
  • Material Recyclable ABS
  • Dimensions 120 x 16 x 77 mm
  • Weight ~200 grams
  • Charge time 75% full in 6 hours (NY latitude)
  • AC Power 100% full in app. 4 hours

Four light modes:

  • 200% brightness (40 lumen) super bright torch mode
  • 100% brightness (20 lumen) bright ambient light
  • 50% brightness (10 lumen) bright reading light
  • 10% brightness (2 lumen) soft night safety light
  • SOS emergency beacon

WakaWaka Power2

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