Apr 09 2013

We can all go Yo Joe with the GI JOE Credit Card USB

GI Joe

Having seen the movie G.I. Joe Retaliation, I was inspired to go out and try to do something like one of the Joe’s. Unfortunately I don’t have the muscles of Dwayne Johnson aka Roadblock and my martial arts is not close to that of Byung-hun Lee aka Storm Shadow.

So the only thing I could do is to get a GI JOE 4GB USB Flash Credit Card. Small enough to fit into your wallet, this item not only is discrete, but it also great for those occasions when you need a drive to copy files over.

Product Specifications

  • USB Flash Drive U disk Credit Card Size
  • 4GB Memory USB 2.0
  • Same size as your Credit Card easy put in your wallet


References: GI JOE Flash Credit Card on Amazon

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