Apr 11 2013

This furniture will get a rise out of you …

This furniture gizmo will help you transform your (lack of) exercise routine in your office.

BioMorph Xo2 EL

The work environment today is challenging. Having to sit behind a computer screen and desk for hours a day is not great for our health. Given the stress of having to meet deadlines, having a few minutes here and there to work out is quite difficult (if not an impossible thing) to do.

Biomorph has come up with a furniture solution that can help kick us in the right direction health wise. The adjustable computer motorized XO2 series of desks provides you with a health work out, by forcing you to stand while behind your computer screen. Don’t be worried that you would not be able to make it through the 8 hours standing, because this furniture has a motor that adjusts the height of your desk, so that you can go from standing to sitting on your yoga ball (or perhaps your chair).

Product Specifications

  • Model: Biomorph Xo2 EL
  • Power 110v power
  • Keyboard surface Retracts 5″, and has intuitive 7″ adjustment range with optional tilt action
  • Load 170lb max
  • Surface colors Charcoal grey, Gunmetal Metallic, Frost White, Maple Plywood

References: Biomorph Furniture

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