Apr 20 2013

LOMME, simply the stuff that dreams are made of


To describe the LOMME (short for Light Over Matter Mind Evolution) simply as a bed or a piece of furniture would be like describing a Matisse simply as a painting. Evolved from many years of design research into sleep behavior science the LOMME is a cloud in which the designer Günther Thöny of the Thony Projekt has be able to capture and transform into a bed.

The completeness of this design include taking into consideration light therapy, colour adjustment, sound isolation, massage theraphy requirements of the end user.



In addition to the many features of the LOMME, the sheer elegance and artistically appealing contours make this bed a wonderful piece of art to add to your bedroom, or in the case of your photos you may be tempted to put it in your backyard for your summer naps.


Product Specifications

  • Light Therapy Alarm Clock
  • Colour adjustable system, allowing the user to select the colour and intensity through a colour wheel
  • Sound Isolation: Ergonomically designed to limit external noise
  • Sound Enhancement: Inbuilt iPod system to stimulate relaxation through noise therapy
  • Massage therapy:in-built massage system
  • Mattress: viscoelastic memory foam mattress
  • Shielding sytem: blocks harmful electromagnetic waves and radiation
  • Dimensions: Width: 210 cm, Length: 315 cm, Height 146 cm
  • Communications: All functions are controlled by an iPhone


References: LOMME your dreams

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