Apr 22 2013

Will I Am’s Snapshot into the future…

Having listened to Will I Am at the Consumer Electronics show in Vegas, I was extremely impressed with his vision as both an artist and as a business entrepreneur. His foray into the technology field with the array of foto.shosh IPhone camera line has been enhanced by his creative artistic nature.

The latest of the line, the foto.sosho V5 (to be released shortly) has a built-in sensor that turns your iphone5 into a sophisticated 14 mega-pixel camera. Contrasting this high technology is the traditional, almost vintage look and feel. The V5 has a built with a flash and a 5x optical zoom and comes with built-in photo editing, filters and social media connectivity which enable easy sharing with family and friends. The V5 also adds a slide-out backlit QWERTY keyboard that pairs with your iPhone5 over Bluetooth.

Product Specifications

  • Sensor 14mp
  • Colors Black, white & grey or orange & silver
  • Release date TBD
  • Price TBD


References: The foto.sosho V5 – on Will.I.Am website

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