May 02 2013

Feel at ease sitting behind this Ferrari … Mouse


And here is the ideal gadget for those of us who always wanted to drive a Ferrari but yet could not afford the car and the insurance to drive it.

The Ferrari Mouse is an Optical mouse that plugs into your USB port.  Feel at ease knowing that you can go as fast as you want without a worry about speeding tickets.

Unfortunately New Gizmo readers this Ferrari won’t make you type any faster and it won’t help you finish that report your boss is asking for.

The only thing it will bring you is perhaps a few seconds of bragging rights when you tell your friends that you spend eight hours a day behind the wheel of a Ferrari.

Product Specifications

  • Optical Mouse
  • Model: MABLACKM(RD)-p
  • Interface:  USB
  • Color: Red
  • Car headlights light up


References: Ferrari mouse on Amazon

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