May 09 2013

A Gesture That’s Pure Magic! Thalmic’s Disruptive Technology

MYO two_rings

Gadget aficionados, I can truly say that the future is almost here. Thalmic Labs has introduced the next great thing in disruptive technology.

The MYO Gesture control is a one size fit all Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Armband  that communicates with devices that it is paired with through the electrical activity of your musicles.

Simple tasks from presenting from on your computer presentation to more complex tasks of  moving, starting, stopping and flying your Bluetooth helicopter are now as difficult as raising your arm up or down.  Control of devices are now literally at the snap of your fingers.


MYO signal_diagram

Mark my words when I say this will be a great gadget for dad or mom for use in their office or at home playing with the kids.


Product Specifications

  • Uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
  • Battery: On-board, rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Computer OS: MacOS, Windows
  • Mobile OS: APIs available for IOS and Android
  • Status: Accepting pre-order.  Limited number available
  • Shipment: Next batch shipping early 2014
  • Cost:  $149


myoA demo of the MYO on Youtube

References:  Where you can place your order for the Thalmic MYO  

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