Jul 29 2013

Travel wise with the Philips USB Charging Men’s Electric Shaver


Gizmo readers, as you are aware when you go to another country one of the challenges is getting converters for all your products.

Well our friends at Philips have designed a USB charging Men’s Electric shaver that will eliminate the need for a converter. Simply plug it into your USB port and it will recharge. This Razor adjusts to every curve of your face and neck with the Philips Reflex Action system.

A great travel or vacation accessory.


Product Specifications

  • Power plug: USB adapter
  • Power cord: AVS 100V-240V
  • Charging 8 hours
  • Display Charging indicator
  • Shaving time 30 minutes
  • Handle Anti-slip grip, Slim fit handle
  • Display: Charging indicator


References: Philips USB Charging Advanced Men’s Electric Shaver Razor


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