Sep 03 2013

#HighTech Wireless, Night vision, sexy #NewGizmo security at an affordable price brought to you by @hivelabs


We are all aware of the power of social networks. Well Australian company Hive has extended this into the home security realm.

Hive has attempted to replace the cost of expensive security companies by leveraging the eyes of trusted social networks to a wireless, battery-powered, motion detecting, night vision enabled camera.

At a fraction of the cost of traditional security company, it is easy to install, runs on batteries and is portable enough to travel with you. When the camera senses motion, it gives off an audible tone, and sends the video up to your community or Hive where they can respond to the alert appropriately.

The cool thing about this approach is if you lose your Internet connection Hive’s battery-powered cameras will record and store video locally until connectivity is reestablished.


Product Specifications

  • Connectivity: Wifi
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Power: two AA batteries
  • Software: apps for iPhone, iPad and Android or our mobile site for any other device
  • Alert pushes: voice, text, push, email, facebook and twitter are all supported


References: Hive Security Camera


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