Oct 16 2013

Better than Mom – Posture Correcting Technology by @LUMOback


A friend of my wife is concerned about her daughter’s poor posture. She constantly is reminding her to sit up straight or walk correctly. Well here is a great new gadget that will save mom the time and will help he daughter even when she is working. LUMOback is a posture correcting wearable Technology.

LUMOback pairs with an Apple idevice (iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPad mini) and vibrates every time you slouch.  Simply tun on the LUMOback, enable the Bluetooth and pair with your Apple device. You will receive a certain amount of vibrations on your back from LUMOback until you move into good posture.

  • LUMOback measures your lower back posture, and vibrates when you are not in good posture.
  • LUMOback also tracks your movements, i.e. when you are sitting, standing, walking, and running. It even tracks your sleeping positions.
  • LUMOback counts your steps.
  • The LUMOback application displays hourly/daily/weekly/monthly statistics about your movement and posture data.

The belt is available in different waist sizes (Small) 19”-38” (Large) 25”-53”.

The LED light will flash green if it has more than a day’s worth of charge and yellow if it needs to be charged soon. You can charge the LUMOback by simply plugging in the provided cable into your LUMOback and then into computer USB port. Charging time is approximately an hour to fully charge the LUMOback sensor.



Product Specifications

  • iOS 6.0 or later
  • Devices:iPhone 5S,5C,5,4S, iPod Touch, 5th gen, iPad 3rd gen or later, iPad Mini
  • LUMOback sensor lasts 5-7 days on a single charge.
  • Belt Size (Small) waist sizes 19”-38” (Large) waist sizes 25”-53”
  • Belt Dimensions Small: W 3.5cm x L 84cm x Thickness 2mm – 4mm
  • Belt Dimensions Large: W 3.5cm x L 104cm x Thickness 2mm – 4mm
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth to Apple device
  • Notifications: Vibration ON/OFF, Pulse, Buzz Once


References: The LUMOback website


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