Mar 26 2014

Power Revolution and Technology Evolution with the FINSIX Laptop Adapter



Just like your tulips in the garden, FINSIX sprung out with the worlds smallest laptop adapter.  At approximately 2.4 in3 in volume this sleek and sexy Very High Frequency (VHF) power conversion technology is 4x smaller and 6x lighter than today’s adapters.

Compatible with all major laptop brands and capable of charging devices that consume 65 watts or less this Gizmo only occupies a single socket when plugged in.

Based on its portability, size and capacity this device is an essential tool for your travel kit.  Ideal for any mobile user, whether it be executives on the go or students in the library.  blue_adapter

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: The volume is approximately 2.4 in3 and the weight is 45g (1/10th of a pound)
  • Capacity: capable of charging laptops that consume 65 watts or less
  • Charges laptop and 10W devices simultaneously
  • Compatible with all major laptop brands
  • Laptop Connector: FINsix will include multiple DC connectors
  • Safety Protections: Over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, over-temperature protection, and is output current limited
  • Availability: units will be available for pre-sale in April 2014


References: FINsix Worlds Smallest Laptop AC Adapter


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