May 21 2014

Logitech Designs a great Case+ Wallet+ Car Mount +Energy Pack

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Logitech’s architects have been busy. The have designed the perfect iPhone case for you. A combination of many cases, this accessory addresses many of your phone add-on requirements in a single box.

The design behind the Logitech Case+ is simple. Besides providing a protective enclosure for your phone. The magnetic
backing is the enhancement that allows the protective case’s metallic add-ons to transform the device. The plus behind the case are:

[+] Wallet – The wallet allows you to combine your iPhone, cash and credit cards, (the most important items) in one secure location. Logitech’s Magnashield technology within the wallet offers protection from demagnetization


[+] Drive Car Mount – A suction mount allows you to securely attach your iPhone to your car’s dashboard. A great feature that transforms your phone into your car’s in-built GPS.

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[+] Energy battery pack – Logitech provides a freemount 2300 mAh energy pack that provides you with an energy boost for your iPhone.


Where Logitech’s design and implementation is wonderful, Gizmo readers be warned this solution is not inexpensive. If you’re interested in purchasing one, then be prepared to shell out $199.99 (plus tax).


Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: Case [+] 5” x 2.43”x 49”
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 5s
  • Energy: 2300 mAh of power with a easy to install free mount system
  • Price: $199.99


References: Logitech Case+ for iPhone 5/5s


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