May 28 2014

To Catch and Lock8 a Bike Thief

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I was watching ABC’s What would you do ( WWYD) ? this past weekend. One scenarios incorporated people’s reactions and actions (or in many cases non-actions) to seeing a bike being stolen in broad daylight. This got me thinking and asking out loud, why haven’t we invented a better technology solution to the traditional bike lock.

Well a quick search online proved me wrong. A British based company has created “the world’s first smart bike lock” .

The LOCK8 is a high tech bicycle lock is a well thought of solution. Firstly they use e-Keys to lock and unlock. Secondly there are many sensors and triggers to this device including:

  1. A Gyro Accelerometer will activate the alarm if vibrations are detected
  2. A Smart Cable will activate a 120dB bike lock alarm if it is cut
  3. A Temperature Sensor will activate the alarm if a sudden increase or decrease in temperature

If triggered the would be thief would be greeted by LOCK8’s wonderful (sarcasm) ear deafening audible alarm of up to 120dB,  If not onsite to hear the alarm, the bike’s owner would receive Alarm notifications through an Internet push, SMS text, or Email.

And by chance if you have your phone off and do not see the alarm you can use the GPS Lock’n locate feature which allows you to track your bike anywhere in the world.

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The LOCK8 is very easy to use. Simply mount the LOCK8 with four screws. Download the free LOCK8 App and pair it with your LOCK8 smart bike lock.The e-key makes it easy to lock and unlock. If you are away or for any other reason you can also share your e-key with your girlfriend, friends and family.

The design behind the LOCK8 is a well thought.  The only features missing from the LOCK8 are an Android equivalent App which is currently under development and an optional Intruder Taser Zap add on feature to dissuade anyone who tries to steal my bike.  A suggestion .. perhaps. (just joking)



  • Weight: ~ 450 grams
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium iron phosphate battery
  • Alarms: Motion Sensor, Gyro Accelerometer (vibrations), Temperature Sensor, Wire cut sensor
  • Alarm Notifications: Audible alarm up to 120dB, Internet push, SMS, Email
  • App: Apple iPhone 4S or later with iOS 6 or greater, (Android 4.3+ devices with Bluetooth 4.0 coming soon)
  • Communication:
    • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
    • GSM/GPRS 900/1800 dual-band module
    • m2m SIM Chip (multi-national)
  • Status: Pre-order. Expected delivery date Q3 2014
  • Price: $249.00


References: Lock8 Smart Bike Lock

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