Jun 12 2014

Bend it like Neymar With the Adidas Smartball #Gadgets4Sports


Today you can feel the excitement of the kick-off of the World Cup in the air. There are several questions that will be answered in this tournament. Will the Brazilian squad be able to meet the heightened expectations of a nation? Will Spain be able to defend it’s title? Will the world’s best player Messi take the Argentinian team on his back to the promised land?

What every happens we know that the next few weeks will be filled with amazing goals and some fantastic Footie.

Here is a great gadget created by the brand synonymous with Football and Sports. The Adidas Smart Ball is a device that will help you master your kicking technique. A standard size 5 ball with a integrated sensor will capture your kicking speed, striking path and provide you information on your kicking power, speed and spin.


The information is provided via Bluetooth connectivity between the ball and your smart phone. The App which is currently only available in the Apple store provides you with Kicking tips and training to help you develop your power, bend the ball and provides you with challenges to increase your kicking acumen.

Adidas smartball 2


  • Ball Size: Size 5 regulation Soccer (foot) ball
  • Circumference: 68.6 cm / 27 in
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (iOS 7 or higher) with Bluetooth
  • Battery life: approximately 2000 kicks / one week
  • Charging time: approximately one hour
  • Package includes charging base and AC power plug
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0


References: Adidas Smartball


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