Sep 23 2014

Enhanced Home Security and Safety with Wireless Video Monitoring by Swann

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Having a home security system has become a key tool in order to protect our home and family. However unfortunately security systems are limited in what they can provide.  A colleague of mine advised me to combine the robustness of your alarm system with security camera recordings. High-resolution video and audio recordings let you capture everything that may occur to your home or car. That is the reason why I have decided to enhance my security options by purchasing and installing wireless cameras for my home.

One of the systems I am looking into is the Swann ADW-410 Digital Wireless Security System Monitor and Camera Kit. In a nut shell it is a set of HD cameras that connect via wireless encryption to a 7″ LCD. You can also utilize your (IOS or Android) smart devices to monitor the cameras.

The pro’s I like about the system is

  • The video footage is HD720P. It is very important to have clear information when you are providing evidence for either police or insurance claims
  • you can view up to 4 cameras at once
  • The connection between the monitor and camera are wireless
  • Video recording modes are manual, scheduled and motion detect and record
  • The camera works and records day and night


However there are a few concerns I will have to take into consideration. The first being, the kit only comes with 1 Camera, so an additional investment of capital will be required to purchase 3 other cameras. Secondly the maximum wireless range of the camera is 165 feet. I am not sure that this would be sufficient distance between the camera and router. Last, but not least, the operating temperature of the camera is between -10°C ~ 50°C / -14°F ~ 122°F. Since it is not uncommon here in Canada for the temperature to hit well below the -25C, this may be a show stopper.

Gizmo readers, I am not quite sure of which direction to go with my acquisition. However I will let you know if I chose to go with this system or I find something else that is better.

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  • 7” LCD touch-screen monitor
  • Wireless Range: Up to 165ft / 50m
  • Video Format: 720p HD
  • Day/Night Mode: Color during day/ switches to B&W at night
  • Viewing Angle: 60 degrees
  • Night Vision: 40ft / 12m
  • Material: Aluminum body construction
  • 1 Way Audio – hear what is happening
  • Secure Digital Transmission
  • Power: DC 9V
  • External Storage: max 32 GB MicroSD Card (not supplied)



References: Swann ADW-410 – Digital Wireless Security System Monitor and Camera Kit

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