Sep 24 2014

Portable Offline Navigation App (Navfree)

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In India there are a lot of times when your mobile phone has no carrier signal let alone 3G or edge services. The easiest and oldest method of getting your bearings is to ask someone along the way. But what do you do if you don’t know the local language. This is where phone navigation at your finger tips can be very handy and really appreciated. One particular app that I love and turn to for directions is the Navfree by Navmii. A GPS navigation map service that actually works and is accurate. It is dead simple for even the oldies to use and the most important feature is that it works “Offline” which means you have peace of mind if you literally “get lost” somewhere in the world and so does your mobile service. You also don’t have to pay roaming charges or invest in a 3G connection to access google maps. Just make sure you download the map you need before you exit the wifi zone. Available free with limited features which is more than enough for the odd “point me in the right direction” case. Otherwise you can go pro for added features.

NavFree UK    Navfree India

It is packed with a built in navigation service with voice directions and pan view of the maps POI, shortest route and most of the standard features offered by portable navigation gadgets. Since it is on your phone it betters portable navigation systems so you don’t need to spend the extra money for your car unless your getting a built-in system. It also available for tablets for those who prefer the big screen. Being a phone app you can use it for directions when you go on a trail walk or a bike ride.

You get to choose maps from a selection of countries/regions across the world which means smaller maps to download.Countries available on the Appstore are: UK, US, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Eastern Europe, India, Germany, Africa, Switzerland, Canada, Benelux, Greece, Netherlands, Austria, Mexico, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, China, Likes:

  • Very simple and easy to use
  • iOS, Android and Blackberry
  • Free version is packed with the basics to get you moving
  • No mobile connection required
  • Downloads by country not the whole world


  • More frequent updates required
  • Free version has basic navigation and doesn’t allow route saving
  • Can drain phone battery if on for too long

Drive Free More info: Navmii Website

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