Oct 17 2014

Thieves Be Gone with the Biometric Locking Bluetooth Alarming iWallet

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Whether for vacation or business, people often forget when you travel that as a tourist you are a target. Despite keeping my belongings out of sight and making it difficult to access, professional pick pockets are well trained to spot and retrieve valuables. Local pickpocket gangs have mastered of art of identifying tourists and lifting their wallets without being detected. Pickpockets are very brazen and will stand very close to you on the train even if it is not crowded.

Having experienced first hand being pickpocketed on the Paris Metro I remember the initial panic of realizing my money was gone, soon to be replaced by the reality that I would have to contact my credit card companies to cancel all my cards. Unfortunately the shell shock continued beyond my trip as I had to spend countless hours having to replace my drivers license and all other forms of identity that were stolen.


Unfortunately for major events such as the World Cup and Olympics where there is an increased police presence, the rates of  theft by pickpockets increased. An example of this was the 2012 Olympics in London where they saw the daily pickpocket rate increased by 1,700.

Our friends at iWallet must have heard these stories many times and as a result have developed a modern solution to eliminate both physical and virtual identity theft..

The iWallet deploys a three prong attack to protect your wallet. Firstly, it tethers to your phone via Bluetooth and then will alarm if the iWallet has moved more than five meters distance from your phone.  Conversely the iWallet will also alarm if someone happens to try to lift your phone.

Even in close proximity, thieves will have a hard time opening the iWallet. iWallet deploys a Biometric security system that will only open when a matching fingerprint is found.

iWallet_classic_carbon_fiber 3

The iWallet also deploys electromagnetic aka RF shielding to protect against any access to data stored on RFID chips in devices such as biometric passports. The iWallet is available in four different models

iWallet Classic Fiber

  • Dimensions: 3.5″ x 4.6 ” x 0.8 “
  • Weight: 6.9oz (198grams)
  • Material: Fiber
  • Capacity: 3 credit cards, one driver’s license or credit card size ID and 9 bills (notes)
  • Access features: Biometric Fingerprint security Biometric Protection
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Alarm Activation Distance: five meters
  • Apps: IOS, Android, Windows phone
  • RF Shielding


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