Oct 28 2014

Kapture those special moments in life

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There are moments in our lives where each of us wished we could keep. Take for example the first time your son or daughter talked, or when you came up with that great idea you wanted registered.  In my case, I like to multi-task but this leads those forgettable incidents, where I forgot where I was going or what I was originally supposed to do.  Many times I have gone to the grocery store and forgotten what I was supposed to buy.

Well I found a wonderful device that was designed for me and perhaps you. The Kapture is an audio-recording wrist band that will help you to register those must save moments. This watch has a high quality solid-state, omnidirectional mic that continuously records audio in a 60-second loop (buffer). To save the buffered recording, simply tap the device and it will be saved locally.

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Kapture will vibrate when the file is successfully saved.  The file can be transferred to your smartphone (in less than 10 seconds) via Bluetooth as a .wav file.  You can use the app to be filter, edit, rename and  share the file.  Currenlty the Kapture app is available for both IOS and Android smart phones.

Kapture is available in six colors including black, white, seafoam, yellow, orange, coral. Both microphone grill and wristbands are swappable which allows for customizable looks to match your outfit.  The wrist watch is weather proof to a point.  Hence it does not work under the shower or if you go swimming with it.

Kapture is currently on pre-order, but is expected to ship this fall.

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  • Dimensions: 27.5mm x 35mm x 13.2mm (body)
  • Weight: 0.5oz (body), 0.5oz (strap)
  • Material: medical grade silicone strap
  • Battery: Li-Polymer 120mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Life: lasts all day
  • Charging: via USB connection
  • Microphone: Solid-state, omnidirectional mic
  • Bluetooth 2.1 Radio
  • Water-resistant (cannot be submerged, cannot be worn in the shower and not for swimming)
  • App: iOS and Android Compatible
  • File format: wav file
  • Colors: Six available colors, Black, white, seafoam, yellow, orange, coral



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