Nov 24 2014

Smart Diabetes Tracking Technology by Vigilant Bee


For the 347 million (source WHO) people worldwide have diabetes, you can have a long and healthy life. However in order to do this you have to make sure your blood glucose (sugar) levels are in the target range set by your medical provider. This can be done by eating healthy, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy body weight, taking your medications and monitoring your blood glucose level.

Our friends at Vigilant have come up with a device to help. Bee is the world’s first Bluetooth Smart Tracker of insulin injections. After every insulin injection, simply twist the Bee to log the amount of insulin units injected and your blood sugar level. Then, press the cap and the data is beamed to a logbook your mobile device. If that device isn’t around at the moment, Bee saves the data for later transmission

Compatible with both IOS and Android smart devices, the Vigilant Bee App provides you with access to an easy-to-read logbook of weekly & monthly injection & blood sugar level reports.

Connectivity between the Bee and your phone is done via Bluetooth. However if your phone (or connectivity) is not available the Bee is smart enough to store the logbooks until it can establish a connection.

Bee is compatible with most insulin pens available on the market including FlexPen®, FlexTouch®, NovoPen® 4, NovoPen Echo® and NovoPen® 3 PenMate from Novo Nordisk, KwikPen™, HumaPen® LUXURA HD, HumaPen® LUXURA and HumaPen Ergo® 2 from Lilly as well as SoloSTAR® and ClikSTAR® from Sanofi Aventis.



  • Dimensions: 110 mm x 24.5 mm
  • Weight: 20g
  • Vigilant Bee App Compatibility: IOS 5.0+, Android 4.3+
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Certs: CE/FCC/RoHS


References: Vigilant Smart Diabetes Tracker

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