Jan 17 2015

Mophie to giveaway $1 MILLION WORTH OF PRODUCT if the big game goes into overtime

Mophie 2

Our friend Chloe from CES has passed on some great news for New Gizmo Readers.

From the company that makes juice for your Gadgets, Mophie, the #1 selling mobile battery case in North America and innovator of power and storage solutions for mobile devices —announced the Mophie Overtime Sweepstakes in celebration of its first-ever TV ad, set to air during the February 1st broadcast of the Big Game.


To mark Mophie’s history of providing millions of mobile users with “extra time,” the sweepstakes will award $1 million in Mophie product to fans if the Big Game goes into overtime.

Even if the game does not go into overtime, Mophie will still be giving away $10,000 worth of cool products.  A Super give-away by a super company.  Thanks to Chole for the giveaway tip.

Eligible contestants can enter online by visiting mophie.com/staypowerful

Mophie 1


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