Jan 29 2015

A Smart Grill for a Super Bowl BBQ by Lynx

CES2015 Lynx Smart Grill 1A Smart Grill for a Super Bowl BBQ by Lynx

With the Super Bowl quickly approaching and the media trying to get Marshawn Lynch to talk, New Gizmo Blog has stepped up and gotten your Super Gadgets to spill the beans for the upcoming Super Bowl.

Forget about Marshawn Lynch, we put the pressure on the Lynx to speak.  The Smart Grill by Lynx is an intelligent sleek, high performance gas grill. What makes this grill so smart are the voice recognition, online notification and high tech user interface.

Your experience with the Smart Grill begins with your BBQ asking you questions about what you are cooking and what level (ie raw, medium, well done) you would like your protein to be cooked at. The incorporation of the interactive voice recognition or “My Chef™” technology allows you the user to control and customize the Smart Grill functionality for your cooking.

CES2015 Lynx Smart Grill 2

The Lynx Smart Grill connects via Wi-Fi to an online database and then calculates (based on your initial voice input) the time required to cook and determines the most efficient technique to cook your food. If the voice recognition wasn’t amazing enough, Lynx has added smart phone integration into this BBQ, notifying you on your smart phone, tablet etc via SMS, text, audio, visual alerts that your food is done. And should the Super game go into over time and you happen to ignore the alerts, then this Grill is smart enough to shut itself off.

Having seen and taste the Smart Grill in action at the Consumer Electronic Show this year, I can say the food was done to perfection. The only suggestion I have for my friends at Lynx is that perhaps the integration of Mr T’s voice, attitude and personality into the next generation Smart Grill voice will add hours of BBQ fun and it a few hours of yelling (at your BBQ) also.



  • Sizes: From a 30″ up to a 42″
  • Automated cooking platform that takes the guesswork out of grilling
  • Voice-activated user input commands the action
  • Learning module updates recipes based on user input
  • Lynx Smart Grill Smartphone App monitoring cooking times and temperatures
  • App OS: Android and iOS
  • SMS notifications let you know when food is ready
  • Available for Consumers in 2015


For more information or to acquire: SmartGrill by Lynx


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