Feb 13 2015

Prevent your Gadgets from getting WINTER BURNED with the aLOKSAK protector bag

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You do not really know the true value of something until you lose it.

A perfect example of this old adage is our smart phone. In addition to a communication device, it contains your emails, your contacts, your videos, music, pictures, important text messages, GPS, apps that you bank with (and the list can go on). So needless to say it is very important to protect this critical of all devices.

Skiing last week I brought my smart phone in order to maintain contact with the office. Watching a friend of mine start to panic after he realized his phone dropped out of his pocket into the snow made me realize how lucky I was.

A few weeks ago at CES I stumbled into the aLOKSAK . Created by  Naples Florida LOKSAK, Inc., this company knows a lot about designing high quality, seamless. light protective bags.  Some of us (aka my friend) had taken the zip lock methodology to protecting their smart phone.  Although in the short term this is a very in-expensive method.  Zip lock bags are designed to store food and not created to save your phone.  Long term he will be paying a lot more than what he would have spent by purchasing the aLOKSAK.

LOKSAK designed a protective bag that prevents leakage and preserves items against damage from water, air, dust and humidity. Comprised of a 6 Mil Patent Protected New Generation Film, this device works is Scuba Schools International Certified Waterproof Up to 200 Feet (60 Meters for our Canadian readers). The aLOKSAK can be opened and resealed numerous times.


CES 2015 aLOKSAK 2

The aLOKSAK also works well in the cold of our Canadian winter as tested with our current winter freeze of -30C (without the wind chill). The aLOKSAK is “Cold-Crack” Tolerant up to -40F/-40 C, Far Lower than that of PVC or vinyl.

Sizes of the aLOKSAK range from 3″x6″ up to 12″x 50″, so you can purchase one for your extra large smart phone, Phablets or Tablets.  aLOKSAK technology protection bags are not that expensive and much cheaper in comparison to data retrieval or purchasing a new smart phone.

This winter, be proactive and purchase an aLOKSAK  Technology protector bag from LOKSAK

Technical Specs:

  • Sizes: from 3″x6″ up to 12″x 50″
  • Material: Comprised of a 6 Mil Patent Protected New Generation Film
  • Tensile Strength ASTM Method D-882
  • Scuba Schools International Certified Waterproof Up to 200 Feet/60 Meters
  • “Cold-Crack” Tolerance to -40F/-40 C, Far Lower than that of PVC or Vinyl
  • No BPA or Use of Any Harsh Chemicals


For more information or to acquire: aLOKSAK water/air tight Technology protector bag

About LOKSAK Inc
LOKSAK, Inc. of Naples, FL is the inventor and manufacturer of the aLOKSAK® and OPSAK storage bags and SPLASHSAK carrying cases.

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