Feb 26 2015

Immersion Redefines Wearables with Technology that allows you to Reach Out & Touch Someone

Sony Smart watch

Despite our belief, technology these days is at its infancy in terms of sensory feedback.

Take for example Wearable Technology. In the last few years this has been one of the hottest markets. This has been seen in the explosion of Smart watches and Fitness bands.

Unfortunately despite the multitude of devices, end users have only gotten what can be described as a two dimensional or black and white feedback from these gadgets.

Yes many of these devices have amazing high definition displays and enriched, deep sound but beyond these “look at listen basic feedback”, none of these devices really have reached out and touched us.

Developer and Innovator, Immersion Corporation is hoping to change your technology experience. Immersion has announced today TouchSense® Core™ Solution for Wearable Technology.

By embedding the Science of Touch or Haptics into Wearable Technology,  Immersion hopes to extend personal communication without Social Awkwardness into your Gadgets.

Today there is some simplistic Haptic interaction built into most devices (aka the “Single buzz” vibration you may feel), however as Chris Ullrich, Vice President of User Experience at Immersion indicates there is a long way yet to go.

Most wearables miss the mark by using Haptics to repeatedly disrupt activities”

With TouchSense® Core™,  Immersion hopes to expand our technologies’ Haptic language and the End User experience in devices beyond the Single buzz”.  The Immersion instinctive Alerts Framework orgranizes alerts by Context  and Attention.  The TouchSense® Core™ has defined five distinct alert categories:

  • Now This
  • Know This
  • Do This
  • Review This
  • Changed This

Immersion TouchSense 1Each of these categories have their own distinct Rhythms and responses. The precise tactile effects for each category of the Instinctive Alerts Framework were designed using Immersion TouchSense® Core™ Solution for Wearables.

How does this translate to the end user experience? Well simply put it, this means that:

  • You would be able to sit in the daughters school presentation and ignore incoming call because your smart watch has told you with the KNOW THIS touch that the call is not urgent.
  • Your Fitness Band on your next 3K will will tell you with the Haptics DO THIS alert to speed up because you are falling behind your time threshold
  • Your Smart Ring will gently break in with a NOW THIS alert at the coffee shop to remind you that you have a meeting in 15 minutes.

Immersion TouchSense 2As the Immersion TouchSense® Core™ Solution is embedded into more and more Smart Wearables from an end user perspective it will mean that we will have to learn to distinguish the feel of a total of 40 to 70 individual alerts.

For more information or to acquire: Immersion TouchSense® Core™


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