Mar 09 2015

Sufr iPhone 6 Case with Integrated Solar Panels for emergencies

Enerplex Sufr iPhone6  1The right Gadgets can help you get through emergency situations.

Purchasing a solar battery for your smart phone seems to be overkill. After all you can always charge your phone in your house or in the car. Well what happens (especially with this cold winter) when your car breaks down in the middle of no where.

Having family members who have experienced this, I can truly say that solar battery cases are amazing especially in these type of emergencies.

Ascent Solar’s Enerplex Sufr for the iPhone 6 is a great accessory to add extra life to your smart phone battery. At under 15 cm in width, and very light (89g) it is a slim and almost transparent battery case that will not bulk up your iPhone 6.

Enerplex Sufr iPhone6 3

The Surfr case has dual charging capabilities. The Surfr for iPhone 6 will first send a charge to the iPhone first if connected while charging.  Available in three slick colours, the Lithium-Ion battery on the Sufr case can increase your battery life up to:

  • Standby Time: Up to 375 Hours;
  • Talk Time: Up to 20 Hours;
  • WiFi: Up to 15 Hours;
  • Audio Play: Up to 75 Hours;
  • Video Play: Up to 16 Hours

In addition to the traditional Micro-USB connecting for charging from a wall outlet, you can use the integrated solar panel for emergency phone charging. One hour of direct sunlight will provide a 10 minute emergency phone call for you to make with your phone.

For all you Gadget lovers who haven’t purchased the iPhone 6, don’t fret because our friends at Accent have Surfr cases for older iPhone 5/5s models.



  • Dimensions: 154mm/15.4cm (6.1″) X 74mm/7.4cm (2.9″) X 14.8mm/1.48cm (0.8″)
  • Weight: 89g
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable (via Micro-USB) Lithium-Ion 2,700 mAh
  • Input: Micro-USB 5.0V DC 1000mA
  • Output: Lightning Connector 5.0V DC 1000mA
  • Colors: Black, Orange, Blue


For more information or to acquire: Enerplex Sufr iPhone 6 Case


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