May 20 2015

Cool Gadgets to power your dad with the Impecca portable car jump starter kit

Impecca 2Dads love Gadgets and dads love their cars.  So why not this father’s day, show your dad how you really care about him.

If dad’s favorite car happens to break down instead of calling AAA or waiting for a good Samaritan to save the day, he can now pull out his “Impeccable” jump starter kit and get back on the road. The  Impecca 8,000mAh portable car jump starter kit is small enough to fit in the trunk of your car yet powerful enough to star car’s and SUVs with 12V batteries.

Impecca has thought of it all in terms of emergencies. In addition the battery has a dual USB port charges 2 devices at once.  This allows dad to charge his smart phone, just in case he has to wait for help to arrive.  And for those late night emergencies it has an inbuilt LED flashlight with “SOS” safety signals to flag down help.

Impecca 1The device has an LED indicator which lets you know how much juice is left in the kit. The Impecca 8,000mAh portable car jump starter kit is priced at $79.95, and can be purchased directly from and other regional and national retailers. For more information, see


  • Capacity: 8,000mAh
  • Dimensions:  185 X 83 X 43mm
  • Output: Dual USB outputs- 5V/1A & 5V/2.1A
  • Input- CC/CV 15V/1A
  • Life cycle- 1000 TIMES
  • Operating Temperature -20° – 60° C
  • Price: $79.95


For more information or to acquire: Impecca 8,000mAh portable car jump starter kit

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