Jan 07 2016

Beüler transforms the Stylus into the next gen digital Swiss Army Pen #CES2016

Beüler Pen 1At #CES2016 you see the most amazing and breath taking Gadgets. Take for example your typical stylus. Our friends at Beüler® have transformed this digital writing device into Gizmo wizardry. The New Beüler ® Combo Pen & Stylus with Built-in Phone Charger is a device you would see from a James Bond film,

It is a Gadget that wants to be more than just a pen. Small, light weight you can utilize it as a typical pen or a digital stylus for your tablet or phone. To change between the stylus and pen takes a simple twist of the hand. With its minute rechargeable lithium ion battery you can charge your mobile phone with an extra two hours of talk time.

Beüler Pen 2

The elegant design of this amazing stylus is extended to this device’s charging configuration which is well hidden in the device’s body. To charge your mobile phone simply unscrew the New Beüler ® Combo Pen & Stylus The New Beüler ® Combo Pen & Stylus has a built-in 8 pin adapter to directly charge an iPhone and a micro USB port for Android devices.

Beüler Pen 3

In order to charge the pen itself, pull out the pen’s cap, plug you simply connect it to via the micro USB port to your power plug, laptop or portable battery. The stylus also has a blue LED light which lets the user know when the stylus is fully charged.

Beüler Pen 5Features and Specifications

  • Pen: Black Ink based
  • Digital Stylus
  • Compatible: Android and iOS devices
  • Battery:
    • Type: 600 mah Rechargeable Lithium ion battery
    • Battery Life: An additional 2 hours of talk time for your mobile device
    • Charge Time: 2 hours to fully charge the battery
    • Charge: micro USB connector
    • Charger Interfaces:
      • built-in 8 pin adapter to directly charge iPhone
      • micro USB port for Android devices

For more information or to acquire the: New Beüler ® Combo Pen & Stylus with Built-in Phone Charger

About Beüler
California based Beüler (a brand of Accele Electronics Inc – www.accele.com) creates new and unique products that challenge industry norms and create excitement in the mind of the consumer

CES 2016

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