Jan 14 2016

Snorkeling in the Caribbean with my Apple Watch and the Waterproof @CatalystCase

Catalyst Case Apple Watch 2

We all know that the Apple Smart watch was very successful last year. However the explosion of the Apple watch in 2015 was really unprecedented. According to research published by Juniper, Apple Watch has claimed 52% of global smartwatch shipments in 2015. This is an amazing figure, given that it only launched in April, a quarter less than the competition. This trend is not expected to stop this year. According to information provided by IDC Apple devices are expected to dominate globally as shipments of wearables grow to 111.1 million this year from 80 million in 2015,

What may you ask are people doing with their #IoT enabled wearable device? Well there is not much you cannot do with your Apple Watch that previously was done by your mobile phone. From playing music, answering calls, Smart GPS/compass, to even utilizing it as a fitness coach.

The kink in the armor of the Apple Watch is that unfortunately, this expensive device is still somewhat fragile. The case of the Apple Watch weighs 50 grams. But the sapphire crystal display and ceramic backing are still susceptible to scuffing and scratching from the occasional bangs that may occur from bumping into objects accidentally.  The Apple Watch is splash and water resistant, but not waterproof.

Catalyst Case Apple Watch 3
Looking to address this kink in the Apple Watch armor, our friends at Catalyst have developed the Catalyst case for Apple Watch. This highly durable case designed for the 42mm Apple Watch is drop proof and IP-68 Waterproof. A great feature that will allow your watch to be protected, whether it be from splashing, a rain storm, showering or even snorkeling. For our Caribbean vacation bound friends, do not worry as this device is designed for outdoor use even in seawater.

Installing the Catalyst case is very easy. Consumers should first water test their Catalyst case without your Apple Watch prior to installation. For information on testing the case, refer to the following video

Catalyst Case Apple Watch 4Prepare your Apple watch

  • Remove the Wrist bands attached to your Apple watch by simply sliding them out of the central container

Prepare the Apple Watch Catalyst case

  • First you must open the Catalyst case with the mini screw driver, unscrew the single screw completely on the back of the case.
  • Remove the case by pushing on the case back covered by silicone being careful not to accidentally puncture the silicone.
  • Carefully remove the case front and the silicone sealing
  • Clean the Catalyst case watch case with a damp cloth, ensuring no dust or dirt is present.

Install your Apple watch into the case

  • Gently insert the Apple watch, button side first, into the silicone component of the case making sure no tear or puncture occurs
  • Make sure the silicone securely covers your watch
  • Methodically and gently slide your finger across the back of the silicone case, removing any air pockets
  • Align the rim of the silicone seal case into the front of the hard casing
  • Starting with the opposite side, press the hard case front into the silicone seal, ensuring proper alignment of seal and casing
  • Snap the Catalyst case backing onto the case front
  • Re-examine the watch case ensuring once again the proper alignment of the silicone seal and casing
  • If the seal is not properly aligned, remove the backing and re-set the silicone seal into the hard casing
  • Re-insert the single screw onto the casing with the min screw driver provided

At $59.99 USD the Catalyst case for Apple Watch is relatively inexpensive.  It is currently  available in 3 colors.

Catalyst Case Apple Watch 1

Features and Specifications

  • Housing Dimensions: 53mm x 44.4mm x 13.5mm (2.1″ x 1.7″ x 0.5″)
  • Compatibility: 42mm Apple Watch
  • Drop protection: Designed to meet MIL-SPEC 810G for drops
  • Colors: Stealth Black, Rescue Ranger (Grey), Green Pop (White)
  • Water:
    • IP-68 Waterproof: Every unit tested 5ATM (165ft / 50m)*
    • Suitable for: Rain, splashing, accidental submersion, showering, bathing, surface swimming and shallow snorkeling.
    • Compatible with outdoor use and in seawater
  • Features the signature Catalyst rotating crown dial that adds a pop of stylized color to perfectly accent your watch and Catalyst waterproof case.
  • Price: $59.99

For more information or to acquire the: Catalyst case for Apple Watch

About Catalyst
Catalyst is a lifestyle accessories brand that creates iconic products that enable people to explore and share their world. Since its launch on Kickstarter, Catalyst has created the highest performance everyday waterproof protective cases, accessories and sleeves for phones, tablets and laptops.

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