Feb 12 2016

Splash a little #IoT and reduce your H2O with the Hydrao #Smart Shower

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Technology will help transform and reduce our consumption.

In Canada the average household uses about 326 liters per person per day or approximately 26,000 liters each month (source Conference Board of Canada). The average monthly water bills in Canada range between $15 and $80. Unfortunately Canadians rank second to the United States in terms of highest per capita water use in the developed world.

French startup Smart & Blue are have developed an #IoT Smart device that will help consumers. The Hydrao Smart Shower is an easy to use device that will replace your existing dumb shower head.  This #IoT enabled device will encourage real time water reduction through visual signals.  Long term you will be able to monitor and reduce your hydro-consumption.

Compatible with standard showers the Hydrao Smart Shower is easy to install. Leveraging Bluetooth LE Technology Hydrao starts as a green light when you begin to shower.

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If you exceed 10 liters  the Hydrao will communicate with the mobile app and change colors to yellow. If your shower goes beyond 30-liter Hydrao will change to red.  Once a 50 liter limit has passed it flashes red.   The Hydrao Smart Shower works without additional batteries or electricity.  It is powered by an internal turbine system through the flow of water into the shower head.

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The Hydrao / Smart & Blue mobile App is compatible with most IOS and Android devices. The app can be customized to set up individual profiles so that you can track usage per person.

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Features and Specifications

  • Compatibility: standard showers
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth LE
  • Battery: None – powered by the flow of water through the shower
  • Personal profiles
  • Audible Alerts
  • Smart & Blue mobile app
    • Compatibility: iOS and Android devices
    • Units – Liters and Gallons
  • Status: Accepting pre-orders
  • Price: $99

For more information or to acquire the: Hydrao Smart Shower

About Smart Blue
Smart & Blue, created in 2015, is a French startup founded by Gabriel Della Monica, a Telecom engineer with over 20 years of experience. The company specializes in creating connected devices through sustainable development. Hydrao is Smart & Blue’s first product and CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree.

Hydrao 2

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