Mar 28 2017

The Future of Mobile Browsing begins with the ZEISS VR ONE Plus

VR One

Virtual reality has taken off in the last year. But has it finally become the mainstream mobile medium for Consumers?

Over the last month I had the fun of test driving the ZEISS VR ONE Plus Headset. With this mobile virtual display headset, the R in VR is short for Really amazing.The ZEISS VR ONE Plus Headset is the coolest in fun-tertainment gear. Whether it be taking a ride on a roller coaster, fighting off robots or drone racing with my Android or iPhone, theZEISS VR ONE Plus Headset provides users with an easy to use entertainment platform that will take you out of your living room to the next galaxy in a heartbeat.

Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR

The ZEISS VR ONE Plus Headset provides the end user with a polished professional sleek looking device and has been designed to work with your phone and with you. This device is compatible with any smartphones with display size 4.7″ – 5.5″ (including the iPhone 6/6s/7 and iPhone 7/7Plus).  Using the ZEISS VR ONE Plus Headset is easy.

  1. Remove the universal tray
  2. Position your smart phone, ensuring it is aligned horizontally with the V group and centered in height and width.
  3. Slide the universal tray into the ZEISS VR ONE Plus Headset
  4. Attach the over head strap
  5. Position the ZEISS VR ONE Plus Headset on your head
  6. Navigate on your smartphone to your favorite VR app and Enjoy the Ride !

The headset is adjustable so that even users who wear glasses can comfortably put it on  with their glasses. Although the headset leverages tracking sensors for app control ZEISS has also developed a Magnet controller accessory that allows you to control VR apps.


For users who might think that the ZEISS VR ONE Plus Headset is just a toy for gaming, I would say that if you do your research you might be unaware of the alternative uses. Beyond the gaming aspect, I was pleasantly surprised on the increasing influx of other software that has been developed in the VR space.

For example the ZEISS VR ONE Plus Headset changes your traditional Youtube browsing by enhancing the audio experience. The tray openings on the VR ONE Plus Headset accentuate the sound and allow users to access their smartphone’s audio and charging ports.


Taking the VR ONE Plus Headset  into the classroom, I was able to take test drive the ZEISS VR ONE Plus with Mondly the robot learning multilingual AI. Although the app worked quite well with the ZEISS VR ONE Plus Headset, the end user’s geek factor was accelerated to level 9 as people started to wonder why I was having a conversation with the the chat bot.


What I loved about the ZEISS VR ONE Plus Headset is that it is an inexpensive, light weight VR device that will work with most any device. Unlike tethered VR headsets, the ZEISS VR ONE Plus Headset gives you the freedom to walk around without being tied down by a specific device and cable. Additionally, in comparison to many of the Rolls Royce VR alternatives on the market, from a price or investment standpoint it will not burn a hole into your pocket.

The ZEISS VR ONE Plus Headset has taken Virtual Reality to the next level by transforming it into a mainstream mobile reality.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions L x W x H : 5.6 x 3.9 x 7.3 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Compatibility:
    • Compatible with any smartphones with display size 4.7″ – 5.5″
    • Compatible with the iPhone 6/6s/7 and iPhone 7/7Plus
  • Field of view: approx. 100°
  • Interpupillary distance (IPD): 53 ~ 77 mm
  • Audio: Smartphone tray Openings provide access to smartphone’s audio and charging ports
  • Tracking Sensors: Internal tracking through smartphone sensors
  • Color: White with Black Trim
  • Batteries: None
  • Features:
    • Adjustable so you can wear your glasses
    • University smartphone tray
    • Removable front shield
    • Removable head strap
    • Replaceable foam gasket
  • App: Compatible with hundreds of VR apps available on Google Play and Apple App Store, such as google street view, google cardboard
  • Accessories: Magnet Controller for Zeiss VR One

For more information or to acquire the: ZEISS VR ONE Plus Headset

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