Mar 31 2017

Water Consumption High Tech style with the #IoT Enabled Hydrao First smart Showerhead

hydrao_first_pommeau_4_couleursWater consumption by Adolescents are on the rise.

I know that many of our readers have teenagers who seem to enjoy their showers. One of our readers in an email indicated that

“We have a teen boy in the house who just loves to take showers and stays in the shower stall forever. Sometimes I can hear him singing in there”

Normally I would have responded to the email by saying, you should rejoice that your son is taking a shower, what is his song repertoire? However given the rising prices in water I think I can understand this reader’s concerns. Rather than resorting to pounding on the door or flushing the toilet (to change the temperature) we have come up with a high tech alternative that will get the teen’s attention.

Hydrao First

The Hydrao First smart shower heads is a way to visually educate and reduce water consumption. Easily to install and powered by the water’s natural flow in the shower, the Blue’s Hydrao First changes colors depending on water consumption.

  • Up to 10 liters (approx. 21⁄2 gallons) = green
  • Up to 20L (51⁄4 gal.) = blue; up to 30L (8 gal.) = purple
  • Up to 40L (101⁄2 gal.) = red
  • Beyond 40L (101⁄2 gal.) the lights flash red

Hydrao App

How does this device work? Well the water flow running through the Hydrao First smart shower heads drives a miniature turbine. The shower head leverages Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to your smart phone. As each family and family member are different, the Hydrao First smart shower App enables you to customize the thresholds on the multi-color LED system and monitor your water usage and savings by individual profiles or as a group. You can set up 4 water usage thresholds and can compare usage.

The great thing is the savings in water consumption provided by this gadget will pay for itself.

Hydrao First

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions L x W x H : 10-1/4” H X 4-1/8” in diameter
  • Materials: Triple layer chrome finish, with an anti-lime protection
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Batteries: None, powered by the shower’s natural water-flow
  • Features:
    • Designed to fit a standard shower
    • Stores data from 1,000 showers
    • Memorizes your reference shower
    • Measures the water consumption
    • Set up the 4 water usage Thresholds
  • App:
  • Compatible with iOS 7+ and Android 4.3+ Phones

For more information or to acquire the: Blue’s Hydrao First smart shower heads


About Smart & Blue

Smart & Blue is an innovation leader in smart solutions for water conservation. Headquartered in Grenoble, France, the company was founded by founder Gabriel Dell Monica in 2015

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