Jun 21 2017

An Invigorating Energy Boost with Smart Smoothie Tech


Technology has made our lives better in some ways by saving time, money, and making our homes safer or more comfortable. On the flip side The always-connected lifestyle has increased the stress in our lives and made them more complicated. Unfortunately, some of us frequently work through lunches and go hours without even breaking for a snack. A study last year by the CDC showed that more than 76% of Americans did not meet fruit and 87% did not meet the vegetable intake recommendations.

It is ironic that perhaps the solution to these life shortening decisions brought on by always connected technology may be Smart Tech. One example of this,  is the worlds smartest and quietest smoothie maker called Millo.  Like many of us, founder Adam Trakselis was running into the problem of having to skip his nutritious morning meal due to his busy life style. Adam decided to create the Millo in order to ensure he was able to eat healthier.


If you talk to a nutritionist, they would affirm that the food guide recommends a total of nine servings of fruits and vegetables.  Normally this would seem to be a daunting task to meet the daily requirement.  However with the Millo this would easy.  It would be as simple as adding a banana, strawberry or putting  lettuce on your smoothie.

Controlled by your smart phone, you can connect and control Millo via the iOS and Android compatible app. The app allows you control time, speed and other functions in addition to browsing recipes. Millo also has a cool disk shaped touch control base.

Blenders typically are extremely noise, hot and power inefficient. However with Millo, this is not an issue. Millo is four times quieter than your typical blender. Millo’s leverages an Air Drive system empowered by magnets to deliver a frictionless rotational force to the blades.

The Smart Lid on Millo remembers your own blending preferences and automatically tracks your activity. The base will automatically recognize the user via Near Field Communication technology and will automatically set the preferences to the ones the user likes most. With Millo’s  Smart Lid you can just rinse and go in seconds.

Long term, lets turn back the clock and stay on the Healthy Eating Train long term.  With Smart Tech like Millo, we can learn to make healthier versions of foods we really enjoy eating,


Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions L x W x H : 230 x 95 mm
  • Capacity: 710 ml
  • Motor Power: 1500 W Brushless electric motor
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy BLE
  • Features: Dish Washer safe, Smart Touch Control
  • App: iOS or Android compatible Millo mobile App
  • Status: Seeking Kickstarter funding, ETA for delivery is March 2018

For more information or to acquire the: Millo

About Team Millo
Millo – the world’s only blender that is designed to make healthy living goals easily reachable. Recetly, the startup secured 100,000 Euro from Angel Investors. Millo used this investment to launch a Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter campaign will both check the need for such product in the market, attract first customers and help to raise a larger investment. At the same time, Millo will use its first investment to move further with the production. The company is about to launch a branch in the UK.


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