Jul 31 2017

Smart Tech makes Heavenly Sleep Effortless with SleepAce


The benefits of the ever hyper-connected lifestyle introduces health challenges. For many of us, having constant access to mobile tech, emails and other electronically enabled and internet connected devices result in emotional attachment to our High Tech devices. In some cases the end consequence is something that affects 45 percent of the World’s population which is sleep deprivation (World Association of Sleep Medicine). The research from WASM indicates that chronic sleep deprivation can result in high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart attacks and other serious medical conditions.

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Our friends at Sleepace are aware of the consequences of sleep withdrawal. Sleepace have designed and developed a Smart Sleep light that monitors not only how much you sleep, but the quality of your slumber pre, during and post sleep cycle. Leveraging the power of Bluetooth the Nox smart sleep light pairs with your mobile device. It then adjusts the amount of light and sound to help you sleep under more ideal conditions. The soothing red wavelength light technology on the Nox smart sleep light can elevate the secretion of melatonin, while the relaxing and soothing sounds help you fall asleep easily.  The Sleepace app will tell the Nox smart sleep light to turn off once you’ve fallen asleep.

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The Sleepace app does more than help you fall asleep. It also measures your sleep condition and analyze your sleep level. Throughout the night the app keeps track of your Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Cycle. The Nox smart sleep light also has sensors that monitor room temperature, humidity, light and noise in the room. And once you have finished your slumber, the Sleepace app will let Nox know when you are at the lightest part of your sleep cycle and Nox will wake you up within 30 minutes prior to the time you set.

Nox also comes with a USB port so that you can charge your phone.

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Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions L x W x H : 3.9 x 3.9 x 8.7 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Colors
    • Base Color: Grey
    • Color display: 16.7 billion
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi
  • Power: 12V, 1.5A
  • USB Output: 5V- 1A
  • Features:
    • Normal Clock features (Time, Alarm, Brightness, Volume, Snooze)
    • Environment monitor
    • Wake Up Light
  • App:
    • Sleepace App
    • OS Compatible: iOS 7.1+ or Android 4.3+
  • Features:
    • Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Cycle, Private Consultant
    • Historical data and trend analysis
    • Sleep advice and service
    • Smart Alarm: Colored Sunrise Simulation for Natural Waking
    • Social Media Sharing

For more information or to acquire the: Nox smart sleep light

About Sleepace
Sleepace is a team of enthusiastic developers, healthcare experts, sleep scientists, passionate designers and creators, determined to create only premium products.

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