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Sep 22 2017

A Bluetooth Cloudburst of Immersive Disruptive Fashion Technology

Long gone are the days where the paths of Fashion and Technology are mutually exclusive. #FashionTech has become a highly progressive, harmonious,  partnership. Mainstream Technology companies such as Apple and LG have intrinsically linked the elegance and sophistication of design with the bleeding edge technology components. The union of Art, Design and Technology are stylishly showcased by the Richard …

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Jul 19 2017

Elegant High Tech Wearable Fashion immersed with Bluetooth

Finding Elegant Electronic Gadgets is as easy as saying WizPak™. One of misnomers of technology is that it is just functional and boring. Anyone who things tech types don’t know anything about fashion should talk with our friends at WizPak™. Nothing spells Gadget gorgeous more than WizPak™ Riri. A mix of High Tech sound meets …

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Feb 16 2016

Gadget Makeover: De Rigueur Integrates Fashion & Tech with the Connected Sleeve

French Technology company De Rigueur is giving Technology a makeover with the release of its futuristic, fashionable charger. The Connected Sleeve is a sophisticatedly, stylish, smart charger that leverages wireless inductive charging to give your mobile device a boost. Wireless charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects. With the Connected Sleeve …

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Jan 28 2016

Fashion Heats up #Wearables with ThermalTech Solar Powered Smart Jackets

Technology is a transformational force that converts everyday, ordinary objects into lifestyle changing devices. Clothing is no exception to this phenomenon. The latest integration of fashion with technology is the world’s first Solar-Powered Smart Jacket by ThermalTech. The atypical approach to combat the extreme chills of winter has been to layer up. According to our …

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Jan 10 2015

Audio Viberance, Fashion Exuberance & Athletic Design Excellence by SonicSport #CES2015

At CES we see technology that helps you to transparently cross boundaries in your life. A perfect example the SonicSport® headphones. Created by Audio-Technica, these headphones are ready to take you from your challenging daily office regimen to the physical intensity of your physical work out with audio-precision enveloped in a super comfortable and stylish …

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Oct 28 2013

Logitech – FabricSkin Keyboard Folio: The future of fashionable technology platforms

Starting your Christmas shopping, well Gizmo readers, look no further. Just off the presses, Logitech announced release of its new ultra-thin cases, covers, and keyboard folios for the iPad Air. Compatible with iPad 2, iPad (3rd and 4th Generations), this stylish case is available in a variety of eye catching colors including: Carbon Black, Mars …

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Jun 28 2013

New York Fashion designer for your iPad by zNitro

One of the things New York is known for is fashion. At the 2013 CEA, in NY  there are some vendors that have merged the line of fashion trendy technology. The Nitro Retract iPad folio by zNitro is one of the elegant accessories for your devices. Perfect for the traveler, student or office worker, this …

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May 06 2013

Environmentally Trendy Fashion Technology

Gizmo readers, many of you are looking for that unique gift for your teenagers.  Rarely do I give suggestions for buying my daughter anything, however here is a gift possibility Created by Omnisonik, a device that combines on fashion and technology.  Trendy fashionista Bluetooth jewelery. Powered by human heat, these earrings are lightweight and have …

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