About NewGizmo

About NewGizmo

New Gizmo Blog is a technology site devoted to uncovering the latest and greatest news on cutting edge gadgets, consumer electronics and technology from every aspect of life.

Most of our reviews are based on a simple question: What technology enhances your life at work and at play?

Launched in 2013 as a web property, New Gizmo Blog has since expanded to cover technology devices and live events through written submissions, video and photography.

New Gizmo Blog Team

Advertising:   New Gizmo Blog  caters to a technological astute audience.  Requests about advertising opportunities can be submitted via email to info@newgizmoblog.com

Submissions: Unsolicited submissions and reviews are occasionally accepted, 500-1500 words.  To get involved with the blog, contact us via email we’d love to hear from you!

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