Our SuperFan Streaming Contest Winner

Congratulations to Samuel our #SuperFan winner of @Roku #streaming packing with a  @DAZN_CA sports package #NewGizmoBlog @theiprgroup @StudentsDotOrg  

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Why Wearables at Time can become Unbearable

I have a confession: I love watches… I know, it’s an illness that needs to be addressed, but I can’t help it. So, when I saw the Indiegogo campaign for Matrix PowerWatch, I was giddy with excitement. This watch was advertised to be powered through the wearer’s body heat, and would never have to be …

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We’re splashing a little AI on Wearables this year

Wearables for Sports have evolved  tremendously in 2019.  They have incorporated  High Tech AI Voice Technology enhancements to provide next-gen, personalized tracking and coaching. AI Technology to help you Train Harder and Smarter Created by Soul Electronics,  BLADE is the world’s first AI Professional Sport earphones for running and fitness.  BLADE is  engineered with comfortable C shaped ergonomic ear …

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An Innovative Approach to IoT Audio Innovation

An emerging challenge in Consumer Technology is the ability of innovators to create compelling and seamless digital experiences while cross pollinating with artistic and elegant designs.   Most of us assume that the fundamental goal for technology are the features.  We tend to assume that design may be an afterthought. However, Technology creators are looking to …

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Light Tech that will power you at Work or Home

On February 11th, National Inventors day, we honour the great thinkers, past and present. With a total of 1,093 U.S. patents, Thomas Edison was widely known as the America’s most prolific inventor. Edison was credited with the first public demonstration of the Incandescent light bulb in 1879. The Evolution of the Lighting Technology As you …

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Would you swipe right for an AI?

Would you swipe right for an AI? Valentine’s Day is for the romantics. It provides an opportunity to spend time with that special someone. However, contrary to the commercialism, it is not the day for everyone. According to the US Census Bureau 47.3 % or approximate 115.78 million 18 year olds or older are single. …

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Enjoy a more Authentic Coffee experience with Gourmia

Throughout history, coffee has always been the cornerstone to bring people together. Whether it be a quick drink with friends at your local coffee house or at work where you get together with your colleagues. Coffee is the most unifying and ubiquitous drink. However in the last few years, technology has created a division in …

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Personal Security has gone High-Tech with Tapplock One+

For end-consumers and enterprise clients, personal security has gone high tech.  Just like James Bond who had Q to create the most memorable of gadgets, You too can secure your belongings at home, school or work with the latest in smart devices. Tapplock One+ is a fully functional fingerprint lock that enhances your personal security with a …

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